MVF with XLNC using music to protect and preserve mother nature

In recent times morals and values amongst the people of Ghana has fallen greatly. There is no sense of patriotism anymore.Everything left behind by our fore fathers have been greatly mismanaged.The time has come to stop blaming government for everything and start taking up some of the responsibilities ourselves.

Education abandoned for centuries.

There is a need to educate the young and remind the old of our good ancient African practices and spirituality that have been abandoned for centuries.

And for that Maiden Voyage Frequency MVF a concept creation,advertising,brand and event management firm has collaborated with XLNC and the family band to use music to help propagate the following agendas and more.

• Connect to nature
• Plant in your backyard
• Recycle our plastic waste.
• Respect the elderly and our women; especially mothers and expecting ones.
• Protect and preserve mother nature.
• Promote the use of herbal medicines

The team identifies venues where live music are played and partners with their management.This journey began with the Sunset Reggae show at dreamlands in La, the train moved to Republic Bar Osu for the XLNC Unloop concert. The XLNC Awaken Night at the Champs Bar inside Paloma Hotel at circle followed.

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